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Yuricon memories and Mai Multiverse!

I hope a little trip down memory lane plus a wee advertisement won't hurt. XD

After reminiscing my time at Yuricon 2007 recently, I had to track down a social network for it. Dunno how Yuricon's livejournal eluded me for so long, but I'm glad to be a part of it. ^_^ Officially. lol

One of my finest memories of Yuricon 2007 was meeting Rica Takashima. Writer and illustrator of Rica 'tte Kanji! ^_^ She was so sweet and even said she admired Naoko Takeuchi.

Including the discovery of Simoun, which quickly became one of my all time favorite anime/manga titles. So much that I eventually purchased all the DVD volumes and the video game (which I play religiously XD) Here's footage of me playing it: (more available on my channel)

I had a fantastic time at Yuricon 2007 in NJ and would love to experience it again! ^_^ I still treasure my copies of Rica 'tee Kanji and Shoujoai ni Bouken to this day! *smiles* Great stories and characters make the world go round. ;)

Let's see what else...recently, I've opened a website dedicated to Natsuki Kuga and Shizuru Fujino.from Mai HiME/Otome. These two have a huge fan following and I wanted to dedicated a website to them:

It features many HQ images, videos, fanart, and fanfiction links from fans all over the world. Including my personal thoughts on the duo, and an international community forum for all Mai HiME and Mai Otome fans:

If you would to donate anything Mai HiME or Mai Otome related to, I'd greatly appreciate it! Also, if you would like to join the community forum, go for it!  I started the community, but it's a team effort to support Sunrise's #1 franchise (imo).

Thank you for your time! And thank you for the great memories in 2007. I know there will be more to come in this brand new decade.  ^_^ Oh and a personal thank you to Erica Friedman, who contacted me prior to my first Yuricon. She was helpful, quick to reply to my emails and welcomed me warmly when I entered the dealer's room. Kudos! ^_^

~ Luis aka Luu.

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