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MangaNEXT Panel Schedule

MangaNEXT, the only all-manga convention will be held on October 29-31 in East Brunswick, NJ. (Visit the website for location, registration, etc.)

Sean Gaffney and I will be doing a Yuri Panel on Saturday, Oct. 30 at 7PM.

I will be giving some stuff away, because I have stuff and would like to give it away. :-)

I'll also be running panels How to Become a Manga Expert on Friday at 3:30 and How (Not) to Talk to a Publisher on Sunday at 11:30 AM. The "Manga Expert" Panel will include a discussion of critical reading of manga (something we've discussed on Okazu here before) and how to do research. I'm a professional researcher. I know what I'm talking about in regards to this one thing. ^_^

If you are interested in being part of "The Industry" and want to know what it takes to be an illustrator, graphic novelist, how to make it in Japan or the US, DO come to MangaNEXT! It's got great guests, and lots of "how to" stuff going on. Lea Hernandez will be teaching a Manga Boot Camp and dishing about her experience with Gainax. Graphic Novelist Dirk I. Tiede, creator of OEL Manga Bizhenghast, M. Alice LeGrow, Japanese independent manga artist Kondoh Akino and illustrator Juri H. will all have things to tell you about life "in the industry."

I hope to see you there, of course. Yuricon will not have table, because I am on MangaNEXT staff so, if you see me hanging around and talking to someone, that's me working. ^_^ Come join us for what promises to be a really great con!
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